Take Control Of Selling Prepaid Funeral Plans

The IFPS takes the stress out of selling funeral plans, with a simple process and tailored support so you can personally take care of your customers’ needs.

Prepaid Funeral Plans are becoming an increasingly important part of the UK Funeral market.

According to the 2023 Mintel Report on Funeral Planning:

  • Almost a quarter of funerals in 2022 were prepaid.
  • Mintel estimates that the UK funeral market is worth around £2.7 billion,
  • With three quarters of funerals arranged at the point of need.
  • However, the pre-arranged funeral share continues to grow and reached an estimated 24% in 2022.

If you’re currently acting as an Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR) for a funeral plan provider you may be feeling frustrated by one or more of the following;

  • You’re no longer fully in control of the prepaid funeral plan sales process
  • You’re concerned that your customers may be sold funeral plans that don’t suit their needs or reflect their loved ones wishes
  • You anticipate this may lead to awkward conversations with some families when their funerals do need to be arranged
  • You worry that some of your loyal customers may even be forced to go elsewhere for a prepaid funeral plan
  • You’re not getting the support you need to grow your prepaid plan portfolio
  • You’re missing out on vital opportunities to build your business
Find Out How The IFPS Can Help You

The IFPS was formed by working closely with Go As You Please Funerals. We worked together to overcome the challenges faced by independent funeral directors when funeral plans became regulated by the FCA in 2022.

Go As You Please is an innovative and forward-thinking independent funeral director based in the North East of England.

We anticipated how FCA regulation would shake up the prepaid funerals market. We also saw the need for an alternative FCA-authorised funeral plan provider with an ethical and personal approach. That’s why we formed The IFPS and sought FCA authorisation.

Go As You Please became our first Appointed Representative following our authorisation, giving us decades of award-winning funeral experience to tap into.

  • We’re proud to be an FCA-authorised funeral plan provider
  • We’re by far the newest and the smallest of the 26 authorised plan providers – meaning we listen, we’re flexible and we care
  • Our Go As You Please background means we know the funeral business inside out – just as well as you do
  • We keep the process simple and put you back in complete control of selling prepaid plans
  • We’re open, straight talking and transparent – just like our funeral plans
  • We want to work with a select group of like-minded independent funeral directors who share our vision and ethical approach
  • We’ll work together to build a profitable portfolio of prepaid plans

The IFPS is unlike any other FCA authorised funeral plan provider. For us, providing prepaid funeral plans is not just a numbers game.

We understand the positive impact that taking control of the prepaid plan sale process as an Appointed Representative (AR) of The IFPS will have on your funeral business.

And we also understand the peace of mind your customers will feel, knowing that their needs have been taken care of by someone they know, like and trust.

Becoming an Appointed Representative of The IFPS will allow you to speak directly to your customers about their prepaid plan needs. Just think how much better that will be compared to passing them off to an unknown salesperson on the end of a phone.

You’ll have confidence that the plans offered will always meet the specific needs of your customers, with no hidden charges and no awkward conversations when the funeral needs to be arranged.

If you’re an independent funeral director and are interested in becoming an Appointed Representative (AR) of The IFPS we have a simple and straightforward process

  • Recruitment – We’ll have a number of conversations to make sure we share the same values and to ensure that all the FCA qualifying criteria will be met
  • Onboarding & Training – You’ll receive full training on our funeral plans and our systems to make selling IFPS prepaid plans a breeze
  • IFPS Appointed Representative Community – We’re keen to develop a like-minded community of IFPS Appointed Representatives. We’ll keep in regular contact and help you to build strong and supportive relationships with fellow IFPS Appointed Representatives
  • Ongoing Marketing Support – We’re in this together and will help you to build your prepaid plan portfolio with tailored marketing support

If you share our values and meet the criteria set out by the FCA for becoming an Appointed Representative, we’ll provide you with all the necessary training and support materials to help you succeed.

Find Out How The IFPS Can Help You

You’ll join a select group of funeral directors able to offer your customers the personal touch with IFPS prepaid funeral plans.

Having already sold over 1,500 funeral plans worth over £3m through Go As You Please, The IFPS team knows what help and support you need at each stage of the process.

It all starts with building great relationships and clear communication.

As we’re only a small team we’ll get to know you and you’ll get to know us – personally.

We do have ambitious growth plans and our Appointed Representatives are crucial to our success. We know how much you value being able to speak to someone you know and who knows your business, now and in the future.

Our marketing support will be tailored to your needs and your area – we won’t try to fob you off with a one-size-fits-all solution.

We’re also committed to giving open and honest advice – with simple pricing, no hidden fees and complete transparency about the funeral packages we provide.

Becoming an Appointed Representative of The IFPS will deliver both immediate and long term benefits to you and your funeral business;

  • You’ll be back in control of your prepaid funeral plan sales process
  • You’ll know that your customers will be offered the most appropriate plan to meet their needs
  • Your loyal customers won’t be forced to go elsewhere to buy a prepaid funeral plan
  • Once again you’ll have confidence that you can build your business through selling prepaid funeral plans
  • We’ll support you with tailored marketing designed to build your prepaid plan portfolio

We’re now looking to recruit a select group of Appointed Representative partners throughout the UK. We’ll work exclusively with you in your area and we’ll give you our full support to build your IFPS prepaid plan portfolio.

If you’re interested in finding out more…

Find Out How The IFPS Can Help You