Independent Funeral Planning Services Ltd (‘IFPS) is a Funeral Plan provider, established in 2021 to ‘take over’ as plan provider for the plans sold by Go As You Please Funerals 2009 Ltd, (GAYP) who are now an Appointed Representative of IFPS.

We were authorised by the FCA to sell new funeral plans when new regulation came into force on 29th July 2022.

GAYP is an innovative independent funeral director based in the North East of England, who began selling their own funeral plans in 2013, by focusing on their ethos of helping families to understand all aspects of funeral planning, and ensuring that they organise the funeral that most suits their loved ones wishes.

IFPS has embraced these principles and is now in the process of developing its network to operate as a Funeral Plan provider to a small number of independent Funeral Directors (including Go As You Please Funerals).


IFPS has three strategic objectives

  1. To ensure the assets held in the Independent Funeral Planning Services trust are managed appropriately and in accordance with the FCA regulatory regime,
  2. To offer and sell new plans into the Trust; and
  3. operate as a Principal firm to a small number of Funeral Directors (including Go As You Please Funerals)

IFPS will perform an administrative role over the collective structure of the Trust, Trustee, Funeral Director, and Customer. The IFPS Trust is a new Trust and as a result the next SAR is due to be updated on the 29th July 2023.

The SAR for the GAYP Trust can be viewed below:

Universal Undertakings
GAYP – Solvency Assessment Report
IFPS – Solvency Assessment Report
Unilateral Undertaking IFPS – GAYP 2009
Undertaking Woodland
Undertaking Edinburgh
Undertaking Consett

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