Why Choose a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

Many people these days are purchasing prepaid funeral plans. Here you will find the information you require if you are considering this; and assist you in making the right choices for you.

Guarantees* the cost of your funeral at today’s prices

Empowers you to have the funeral you want when the time comes

Saves your loved ones the trauma and expense of organising your funeral for you

*you will be protected against future rises in funeral director costs and of all your funeral director services will be paid for in full, regardless of any interim rise in the cost of funerals

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Food for Thought.

Rising funeral costs are a subject frequently in the press these days and as such people are shopping around more and considering alternative options to the standard cremation route that we are all familiar with.

Before purchasing a funeral plan, it’s worth thinking about what a funeral involves and how things could be done differently. Not only to save on costs but to create something more meaningful and relevant.

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